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Jacopo Di Cera

In 2004, Jacopo Di Cera studied photography with international photographers. In the early years of his training, Di Cera exhibited his works in Rome at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere and at Palazzo Valentini with an important project on Jerusalem. In 2010, he was among the three finalists of the prestigious National Geographic competition. In 2016, he started "Photomaterial" with the first project "Fino alla Fine Del Mare" ("To the End of the Sea") dedicated to migration, taking pictures of boats of the island of Lampedusa exhibited in various museums, galleries and international fairs. 

In 2017, Di Cera exhibited his works at the Accorsi Gallery in Venice and on Pier Paolo Pasolini's boat at the Venice Arsenale at what became the main exhibition during the Film Festival.

In 2019, he developed his second project "Fotomaterico" dedicated to the earthquake of Amatrice, "Il Rumore dell'Assenza"  ("The Sound of Abscence") where the devastating images are imprinted on crumpled paper, symbol of human fragility. In 2020, he created "Mi-Ro", a project dedicated to commuting with works created by direct printing on the windows of trains built for the exhibition itinerary. Since 2017, Di Cera has been working on the "Italian Summer" project exploring the social history of Italians on holiday with the use of a drone. His photographs are currently exhibited in international galleries and belong to important private collections.

Last update on 09-03-2023

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"Infinity" is a visual art project by Italian photographer Jacopo Di Cera aiming to investigate the concept of time, "a time that repeats itself endlessly where there is no beginning or end, and only the relationships between people and things become the true protagonist, the true subject of the work. The protagonists live in a time loop, infinite and indefinite." In this study, the key factor that makes such moments “holidays” is eliminated. The actions are perpetual, in constant motion. The head and tail merge, not allowing the observer to understand the succession of events. "Infinity" started as an experimental video art project, a new medium which allowed Di Cera to embark on a new journey of his artistic career letting him express himself and find a formula that photography alone did not allow him to tell.



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