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MoCDA champions artists who create their works with digital tools with exhibitions, events, and residencies. Since 2019, the museum has supported both the most influential and well-known artists of the digital art scene as well as emerging creatives by offering opportunities to discover current trends and the history of digital art to the public.


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Art and Artists

The MoCDA community participates in virtual curatorial tours, live talks and many other special events aimed at discussing, explaining and discovering more about the past, present and future of digital art.


Supported by KnownOrigin, Digital Trends was the weekly series curated and presented by MoCDA that highlighted the most interesting, innovative and inspiring digital artworks to be found in the marketplace. Started in February 2021, Digital Trends featured over 900 artists in 100 episodes.

Digital Trends

Curator’s Corner is the ongoing series of comments about contemporary digital artworks written by Tom Van Avermaet. Each week, a work is analysed and presented through the lens of art history, philosophy and social studies.

Curator's Corner

From interviews with the most interesting figures of the digital art scene to articles that delve into the peculiarities of digital creativity, MoCDA produces useful insights to discover digital art and its protagonists.


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