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For Patrons, Supporters and Sponsors

MoCDA is committed to exhibiting and promoting the most representative, diverse, and inclusive selection of contemporary digital art to the public in the most accessible way. We seek to advance the digital art space through education and experimentation and, to make this possible, offer a range of ways in which you can support the museum.


If you would like to get involved, simply send an email to for more information. We welcome the following:

  • Art exhibition and event sponsorship

  • Support with creating learning opportunities for all

  • Funding for key art acquisitions for the MoCDA's Permanent Collection

  • Collection maintenance 

  • Corporate support

  • Partnerships


You can also support by telling your friends about us, following us on social media, or sharing our content. Otherwise, we are grateful for any and all donations to the museum, as they help us to secure our efforts to educate and support the future of digital contemporary art.

ETH: 0x1B8FB31eB0cF2c2716e8Db57F89d667540724BFc


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