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Tangible Data 4

"Tangible Data" is an oxymoron. Or so it seems. In this series, Baron Lanteigne materialises our relation to software  and telecommunications. While data remains in flux, communication depends on tangible infrastructures and devices to circulate. Baron Lanteigne demonstrates the constant and seamless manipulation of interfaces. He brings  forth what everyone might forget: access to online content is mediated and involves body interactions just as much  as any IRL experience.

The series includes various works and media that the artist presents depending on the exhibition context to imbricate displays  within displays, mixing tangible and virtual elements. For its first feature in the metaverse, looped videos ‘Tangible Data 1,4  and 5’ appear alongside ‘80 Gbytes SATA HDD’, a virtual sculpture whose rigid shape has become malleable, as if moulded  under our grasp." (Marie Chatel, curator)

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(Do Not) Touch

Do Not Touch is a group show curated by Marie Chatel and Filippo Lorenzin. Opened in Decentraland, the exhibition features works created by Martina Menegon, Baron Lanteigne and Sasha Katz.

(Do Not) Touch

Tangible Data 4

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