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Random Froths

Random Froths is a celebration of colours, that, like ribbons, inhabit the space with their joyfulness and spirit. Fuchsia, reds, yellows, and greens form this festive ensemble, coming out of an ocean blue background. In Darcy Gerbarg's work, the lines bear painterly textures. What we see are brushstrokes. Made in a 3D environment wearing VR goggles, this painting is a physical performance, a composition in space. This process brings depth to the piece, which we observe in the ribbons' recesses and overlaps.   The artwork was printed painted in a 3DVirtual World at the Future Reality Lab, New York University, Courant Institute for Mathematical Science, with 3DVR Goggles, and then printed on canvas at Lightwork, Syracuse University.

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Abstract Art in the Age of New Media

Abstract Art in the Age of New Media is a virtual group show curated by Serena Tabacchi and Marie Chatel.

Abstract Art in the Age of New Media

Random Froths

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