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Darcy Gerbarg

Darcy Gerbarg is a Pioneer Digital Artist making Art with computers since 1979, who continues to produce work using the latest digital technologies and traditional Fine Art techniques. She is an Abstract Expressionist painter with traditional Art training who is currently painting with Colored Light in a 3DVR world, creating AR and VR Artworks and Interactive, Immersive Environments, as well as Digital Artwork on canvas, paper, and ceramics. Gerbarg’s art is in Art museums, galleries and fairs, corporate and private collections. Her 3D animation “Raffles City” was distributed 1984. Her work Immersive-Interactive and Digital Paintings was exhibited at the CADAF Miami Art Fair December 2019 and her Digital Paintings were features at the Hampton’s Virtual Art Fair 2020. Darcy’s Painting and Sculpture Garden exhibited at BRCvr2020 and Gerbarg’s VR Art Gallery Exhibition 2020 can be experienced by appointment on AltspaceVR. Gerbarg studied Art at the NY Studio School for Drawing, Painting and Sculpture and with artists in Woodstock. She has a long history of printmaking with master printmakers, Krishna Reddy, Ronni Henning, and Kathy Caraccio. She taught the first Computer Art course at NYU in 1980, Directed the first SIGGRAPH Art Shows in 1981/1982, Directed the world’s first MFA in Computer Art Program, at the School of Visual Arts, NYC in the mid-80’s, and was as an adjunct professor in Computer Art, at SUNY Stony Brook and NYU for more than 30 years. BA U of PA, MBA NYU.

Last update on 10-03-2023

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