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Sasha Katz proposes four works reflecting on the notion of physical connectedness when in fear, pain or grief. Her  pieces are a-contextual. Set against neutral backgrounds, they emphasise the bond amongst her realistic avatars  and express the power of support one can tell non-verbally. As such, Sasha virtually reveals intimacy, reversing the  concept of being alone together when online. 

Affected by the developing war in Ukraine, the artist produced ‘Love is Louder Than Bombs’ and ‘Tetiana’, where she  delves into the human side of expressing support to someone we can’t see or talk to IRL. These two works appear  against ‘Even 3d Girls Get the Blues’ and ‘Fever’, where gazing and touch offer means to interact with someone  distressed.

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(Do Not) Touch

Do Not Touch is a group show curated by Marie Chatel and Filippo Lorenzin. Opened in Decentraland, the exhibition features works created by Martina Menegon, Baron Lanteigne and Sasha Katz.

(Do Not) Touch


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