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Tabitha Swanson

Tabitha Swanson is a Berlin-based multi-disciplinary designer, creative technologist, and artist. Her practice includes 3D, animation, augmented reality, digital fashion, graphic design, and UX/UI. Commercially, Tabitha has worked with brands including Vogue Germany, Nike, Highsnobiety, Reebok, Origins, and others to create beautiful work in the creative tech and design sphere. Artistically, her work is used as a form of therapy, often composing questions rather than answers, and trying to faintly touch the unseen edges of human existence. She has exhibited at Miami Art Basel, Fotografiska,  Transmediale, Mmmad, Cadaf Arts, and more.

Last update on 10-03-2023

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Featured Artworks


"Connectome" is a collection of artworks curated by Chanel Verdult for The Foundry, MoCDA's decentralized art residency. Artists featured: Arthur Baron, Connie Bakshi, Enes Güç, Evelyn Bencicova, Klahr, Sasha Stiles, Synthtati, Tabitha Swanson and ZEITWEITZ.

“Enter each artist's inner mechanism. Their current states of practice, process and output. Composed through multidisciplinary translations of identity, cerebral symbolism, dream states, subconscious and conscious world-building as each reflects one's own personal psyche. Connectome aims to explore intimate territories of physical and digital interconnectedness.”

(Chanel Verdult, curator)



The Foundry


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