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Abstract Art in the Age of New Media


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Abstract Art in the Age of New Media

A virtual exhibition about the aesthetic and space in virtual environments. In collaboration with UCL and Hobs3D

The Advocate

A documentary project by Jon Lowenstein 

curated by Anastasia Pineschi

Art For Space 

Digital and Crypto Art exhibition 

curated by Chiara Braidotti and Serena Tabacchi

Digital Bodies

Concerning Bodily Structures

A digital art exhibition in collaboration with DSL collection

Artist Spotlight
Art Bites

ArtBites is a curatorial artist spotlight series produced by the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art in collaboration with SuperRare

10 Questions in 10 minutes

A new series dedicated to the discovery of contemporary digitalart and cryptoart in collaboration with digital art platform SuperRare

Behind the Screens 

Weekly art talks featuring new media artists from the KnowOrgin art platform collection

Digital Trends

A weekly artist spotlight curated selection in collaboration with KnownOrigin



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