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"What’s Wrong With Me?" (2022) by Federico Bebber

Experimentation has, more often than not, played a crucial role in the life of many an artist. That the risks out way the rewards are shown here in this piece from the ongoing series ‘Without You I Am Nothing’ by visual poet Federico Bebber. The artist, whose stunning manipulated photo portraits have delighted many (among which authors like Stephen King whose cover they graced), here takes a successful foray into the world of 3D art. This work, titled What’s Wrong With Me?, feels almost liked a mixed media wire sculpture, a choice which for me only strengthens the emotional resonance of the piece. In the series we’re shown two mostly androgynous figures, lovers we can catch a glimpse of but never quite fully see. The intimacy of the imagery is thus layered with a hint of melancholy that balances them on the edge between heart-warming and heart-breaking. Capturing not the kiss, but the moment before lips can meet, feels like a fitting dramatic choice.

We can almost imagine the characters stuck in a fading memory, pink tints colouring a time where their closeness might have been strongest, but the fragility of the fragmented silhouettes hinting at a point where past feelings might vanish forever. This could be the end of love, the two not wanting to let go but doomed to only have these last moments together, wondering why even a strong love sometimes isn’t meant to be (what’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with you?). The beauty of the series is that it could have very different interpretations as well and that while the artist experiments technically, the emotional gravity of the visuals stays consistent. I love how we’re here witnessing an artist finding new tools to express a creativity that’s still recognisable as his own style. I’m certainly looking forward to the next pieces in the series and hope you can be as enchanted by them as I’ve been.

"What’s Wrong With Me?" (2022) by Federico Bebber


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