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"Untitled" (2022) by Summer Grace Wagner

How does an artist create their own urban mythology?

The answer might be found when looking through the viewfinder of visual storyteller Summer Grace Wagner. More than just ‘a person with a camera’, this Midwestern based American lenswoman beautifully describes her work as ‘contemplating the spiritual and psychological threads of everyday life and the blur of poetry that is our society's collective dreamscape’.

And dream we must when visiting Summer’s world, where its hazy characters and color palette unite to form a hidden reality whose existence exudes imagination. We encounter lost souls connecting through their black mirrors to the metaphysical ‘cloud’, candlelit ceremonies binding bodies in sensual magic, distant lightning channeled by a wandering enchantress and a haunting of split personalities longing to become one.

And that’s just the images I’ve chosen to share with you today. Perusing Wagner’s photographs feels like stepping ‘through the looking glass’ into a mirror realm of lost promises and found ghosts. Take special note as well of the carefully crafted composition of the frames, the soulful symmetry of both her models and settings, be it shades of red and green light reflected on foggy waters or an illuminated triangle of flame and flesh.

Interesting to note as well is how often the photographer seems to include herself in her work, literally baring her soul and body to her audience, one fragment of painted light at a time. With her tableaux vivants she leaves a story addict like me with plenty of food for thought, the book of Summer filled page to page with wistful legends, both timely and timeless.

So join me for a moment in wakeful slumber as we dream the day away through her spellbinding imagery.

"Untitled" (2022) by Summer Grace Wagner


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