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"Revealed" by Sanidad Design

One of the most surprising things I find in 3D sculpture, is how artists often manage to create the most inventive and surreal worlds to express something deeply emotional and personal. A great example of this, is the work of Boston based digital virtuoso Sanidad Design (John Lakov). With this piece, titled Revealed, John seemingly hints at his own journey of (artistic) self-discovery. The central figure shoulders multiple faces, identities perhaps worn and discarded as we often are forced to do in our daily lives. But at the core we find a finished visage in all its fragile glory, naked but unafraid to finally be seen. The intricate details of the textures of John’s piece are spellbinding and his play with light and color give the work an outer worldly allure.

It may appear like we’ve stumbled on a relic of some alien deity, the bronze-tinted, ornamental Fleur-de-lis like pattern making this feel even more like a hidden piece of worship, central in a faraway church dedicated to lost gods. But the symbolic piece underlines a very human and personal story, which makes it feel even more heartfelt. Who among us hasn’t searched or isn’t constantly searching who they are or can be, a journey that perhaps never ends, but for those brief moments that we feel at home, somewhen or someplace? What I love about John’s work is that it stimulates my imagination to dream beyond the confines of a standard reality whilst still maintaining ties to very human symbols and materials. His care to also marry the strangeness of his works with the right emotional expressions make the sculptures truly memorable. But don’t take my word for it and discover this and more of his works, perhaps they can even help you find out something about yourself in the process.

"Revealed" by Sanidad Design


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