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"Lattice of Amber" (2022) by Untitled, xyz

Will the future of digital worlds see an architecture that’s only limited by the imagination of its creators? From Gaudi’s art nouveau La Sagrada Familia Cathedral to the expressionistic Lotus Temple in India, from the modernity of the museum of the future in Dubai to the surrealism of Frank Gehry’s dancing buildings in Prague, art and architecture have always held a deep and almost inseparable connection. Brooklyn based creative Kirk Finkel, better known as Untitled, xyz, could be called a modern embodiment of the merging of these two forms of human expression. The metaverse architect and digital artist manages to create cleverly unique and out worldly beautiful designs of which this piece, titled Lattice of Amber, is a great example. Volume 3 of his meta module series, this ‘impossible’ structure showcases a sensitive merger of geometrical patterns and colour schemes.

Light is often key in Kirk’s work, as here the glowing reflectiveness of the building blocks of this floating ‘city’ make the complete work feel quite uplifting. This luminosity of the surfaces of the arches and central sphere only serve to add into highlighting a whole that both feels very familiar and abstract. The construction also hints feels at a potential to be built upon further, that perhaps it’s not quite finished. The work could be embracing the challenge of any modern city, where old and new must always struggle to fit together and the buildings like its people are forever in motion. We were fortunate to have the artist talk about this work in our collaborative twitter space with the Sandbox, check it out on our twitter page (a link will be added in the replies to this curator’s corner on twitter) to hear his perspective on this very piece. Alongside ‘Emerald City’ and ‘Nowhere Stairs’ you can find it as part of our ‘impossible worlds’ exhibit, which enters its final moments. If you haven’t already, don’t hesitate to come pay it a visit at the NFT institute in the Sandbox Metaverse.

"Lattice of Amber" (2022) by Untitled, xyz


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