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"Inner Fear" (2022) by Overfiend

As we leave the holy day of fabricated scares behind, are we ready to face the chance that the real terror might lie within us?

3D artist Overfiend certainly helps in visualising just that with this stunning piece titled Inner Fear. The Melbourne based creator aptly labels his work as ‘a primal scream expressed in pixels’, a statement one can definitely feel realised with this work. Here we are shown a naked beauty smiling seductively to the side, an expression in complete contrast to the numerous emotive faces we find hidden away inside her body.

Agony, fright and despair are visible on these bodyless heads in an exaggerated but surprisingly affecting way. Even to the point that these countenances, also in their digital rendition, at times feel more detailed and realistic than the shell of the woman that houses them.

This underlines a hidden truth that most of us face at some point or other, those moments in our lives and perhaps even more on social media where we portray an idealised version of ourselves in favour of the harsh reality of our actual feelings.

The artist in my mind perfectly captures this with this strange mix of absurdity and sensitivity. Take special note as well of the attached close-ups, where these primal emotions of grief and terror are given center stage. Overfiend could find a kindred artistic spirit in the work of Samuel Salcedo, who with stone and resin explores similar themes as our featured creator succeeds in doing with digital flesh and pixelated tears.

I certainly invite you to wander into Overfiend’s world of the grotesque and the hauntingly dramatic, but thread lightly, for who knows what inner demons it might unleash.

"Inner Fear" (2022) by Overfiend


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