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"Muse" (2016) by Dmitriy Rogozhkin

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

When I think of the term ‘visual poetry’ this stunning image often comes to my mind. Aptly called Muse this creation by photoshop wizard Dmitriy Rogozhkin is one I often revisit and wanted to share with the MoCDA audience as well. The beauty of great image manipulation is when the optical illusion is so expertly achieved that the fine line between the dreamlike surrealism and reality fades. This work also for me poses an interesting question on the artist and muse relationship, one often explored when we look at the backgrounds of the people behind these great works.

The image radiates a certain profound melancholy, one can almost image the object of affection of the pianist that drives him to create his music being both so close to him but at the same time almost drowning and fading away in the act of creation. She feels like a dream that’s on the verge of vanishing the moment that final note echoes through the lonely room. And that’s exactly what great photography for me does, capturing that one moment before it’s gone, be it both real or imaginary, forever in print.

Muse by Dmitriy Rogozhkin


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