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"Memory Threads" Andrey Bobir

Sometimes sadly, there are artist that produce a lot of great work in a short period of time after which they seem to vanish or stop creating. Luckily, because of the internet and social media, we can keep their works alive and keep sharing their immense talent with the world. One such artist, who hasn’t produced new work since 2016, is Andrey Bobir from Kazakhstan. His darkly surreal 3D art remains poignant as ever, this piece Memory Threads being one I’d like to highlight. Because we’ve become so dependent on technology for everything that happens in our daily lives, that it feels like being unplugged for a bit will be the end of the world.

On the other hand, like this piece for me shows, it also creates a reality where all the wires are in danger of getting tangled and we become lost and overwhelmed in our web of connections. So reliant are we on our devices, even to act as our digital memory, that a life without it now almost feels alien. But aren’t we all slowly suffocating by being connected all the time? I urge you to discover this and other great works by this artist, who I hope is still healthy and active in some way or who I hope one day will continue to delight us with new glimpses into his wonderous imagination.

Memory Threads by Andrey Bobir


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