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"Global Warming" by Igor Morski

If you’re looking for an artist that artfully blends graphic art, drawing and photo manipulation and explores thought provoking subjects, look no further than the Polish illustrator Igor Morski. With this work, aptly named Global Warming, the artist shines his creative light on the phenomenon that all us of in a small or big way are confronted with these days. In his typical style of surreal and visual poetry, sprinkled with a hint of biting satire, we’re shown a number of faceless men in suits heating up our beloved globe. While another climate convention is taking place, where the same questions get posed and perhaps still remain insufficiently answered, it feels like these same faceless men and women in suits are deciding once again on what’s best for our planet or maybe most of all themselves.

What I love about Igor’s work is how he takes his unique mix of photography and illustration and creates visual compositions that always leave a lasting impression, something that lead me to revisit some of his work over and over. I urge you to explore his works, including this one, which was recently part of his ‘my best illustration’ series.

Global Warming by Igor Morski


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