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"Daily Spin" (2019) by Lumps

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

We often look to artists to put a mirror in front of the face of society, to use their creativity to show us our warped reflection and in the process make us think. This is exactly what the

Welsh artist Sam Drew aka Lumps excels at with his satirical illustrations and animations. With their blend of the almost nightmarishly surreal and the darkly comical, his works

explores with a pop culture sensibility our modern ways of living and turns them, sometimes literally, on their head.

This work, called Daily Spin, which is available in many forms, both still and animated, was something I could really personally relate to. In using social media, to mimic our missing facial expressions, we often turn to emoticons to try and reflect our

moods. But like the spinning wheel, these emoji's have a certain repetitiveness to it, a certain emptiness. We smile or we frown and our deepest thoughts get reduced to symbols that

after a while feel hollow and fake. Be sure to explore more of the artist's work and dive head first into Lumps at times provocative, at times scary but always fascinating world.

Daily Spin by Lumps


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