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"The Numer Series 1" (2014-2018) by Eyes of Lamia

I’m often drawn to art that explores very visceral emotions; art that lays bare the darker, more hidden side of humanity. With this piece, the third entry in what artist Eyes of Lamia (a pseudonym that refers to Greek Mythology) calls his number series, the digital sculptor to me perfectly visualizes a sort of literal blind rage that fights its way to the surface, destroying its ‘creator’ in the process. We might not want to admit it, but I feel as human beings we all are capable of a rage like that, potentially destructive to others and most of all ourselves.

What I also love about this artist’s work is how he often experiments in bridging the gap between classical sculpture and the digital age, trying to blur lines between eras. It’s a piece I find myself often revisiting, a moment captured of self-destruction (this piece also being something of an auto-portrait for the artist) that makes one question the shouts of rage we can be coaxed to quite easily in the digital age and how harmful sometimes spoken and unspoken anger can become to our body and soul.

The Numer Series 1 by Eyes of Lamia


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