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"Éter" (2020) by Andres Marti

When I first saw artist’s Andres Marti series ‘Otredad’ or ‘Otherness’ I couldn’t help but being fascinated by both the dramatic beauty and deep sadness the images contained. As one like myself who can be said to be prone to ‘melancholy’, I felt a deep connection with the emotion the pieces capture and the stunning juxtaposition of the illustrative and the photographic. This piece, called Éter (Ether) for me makes a powerful statement in how we tend to look at perfect bodies in photography but perhaps miss what can make a person truly beautiful.

These inner flowers of saddened souls that our organic eye might miss, with the mind’s eye and the help of artists like Andres we can experience. The series marries a sort of gothic romantic undertone of the past with a very modern sensibility in a collage that delivers a worldly emotional punch, whilst also radiating an almost out of body stylistic enchantment.

Éter by Andres Marti


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