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"Gametes" (2020) by Dennis Sibeijn

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

As a big admirer of the seemingly endless possibilities offered by digital sculpture, I was very happy to discover the visceral creations of Dutch artist Dennis Sibeijn aka Damnengine/Damnengineer. His work often flirts with the macabre and layers a very organic sort of digital body art with a surreal emotional resonance. This work, third and final part of his bloom series, called Gametes, seems to show a unique exploration of the reproductive act. Two bodies merge to form something new, offering a sensual hopefulness, tinged with something that can perhaps be described as slightly threatening.

Because while this transformation offers the hope of creation, the act itself is destroying the singularity of both bodies, we pay a price for love after all. The image almost feels like a 3D adam and eve, surrounded by the butterflies (not the birds) and the bees, ready to start their own biblical ‘big bang’. I recommend you to also check out the other two pieces of this series and any other captivating creations this Damnengineer has and hopefully will keep producing.

Gametes by Dennis Sibeijn aka Damnengine/Damnengineer


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