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"Consumption" (2021) by Miko Maciaszek

Few things permeate our lives as profoundly as technology and while we can sing praises (and rightly so) of all the benefits it has given us, luckily we also have the art of illustration to show us the darker side of our ‘digital’ age. An image that perfectly captures this is Consumption by Polish/Canadian artist Miko Maciaszek. The overload of ‘Sights and Sounds’ that bombard us on often both beloved and derided social platforms do seem to create an almost endless and addictive stream of content for us to consume. That seemingly constant link to networks is expertly portrayed by Miko, albeit from its most harrowing and bleak side.

The duality of the colourful world of diversion leaking in and out of the tablet compared to the drained, slightly broken, almost shade-like shell of the ‘user’ is an eye opener. I guess the question we should ask ourselves is if we’re really the consumers of all these platforms we’re a part of or if in the end we’re not all slowly being consumed by them? Be sure to explore (but beware not to get ‘sucked into’ ;-)) Miko’s illustrated world at his own niches on these dangerously addictive digital platforms.

"Consumption" by Miko Maciaszek

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