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"Body of water" (2021) by Hugh Kretschmer

Artists who can pepper their creations with a healthy dose of, often self-deprecating, humor always hold a special place in my heart. Hugh Kretschmer, one of those whimsical wizards of image manipulation, shines in doing such just that. His creations have a surreal playfulness layered with a unique sense of satire, creating optical illusions that often boggle the mind. This Body of water one of his latest pieces, offers a lesson in composition, with its half liquid man framed by two other fine examples of H20. If we are, as they say, made up of 60 percent of the stuff, it’s only apt to ask the question, are we just dull containers or does a wild ocean roar within us?

And when we daydream and start fishing for ideas within ourselves, are there darker things hidden within our depths? Giving an own interpretation to works such as these is part of the fun and I’m glad that artists like Hugh can continue to delight us with these little visual riddles. Be sure to set out to discover his imaginative universe and as we roll into 2022, I hope this can help end and start your new year with a smile.

Body of water by Hugh Kretschmer

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