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"At Home With You" (2022) by Stuz0r

I’ve always been intrigued by the term ‘narrative art’ and as a self-proclaimed story addict I often wonder if not all figurate art hides a narrative in some small or big way. I can only applaud when digital creators embrace this in their work and imbue their art with a certain unique mythology. Each new piece seems to build on some kind of mysterious storyline, like broken fragments forged together again with a golden lining. This Japanese process called Kentsugi features in this particular piece by one such artist, Stuz0r, named At Home With You. His 3D sci-fi art often juxtaposes the small inhabitants of his dreamlike planets with the ruins of some kind of majestic past.

Giant broken statues play a prominent role, just like in this piece, here even fashioned into some kind of a living space (or one can assume) for the pair of hooded figures standing next to it. It’s almost like with them we’re invited to delve further and deeper into the artists head or imagination. The empty gaze of the broken statue itself can be interpreted as well as a longing for said home in the title, a longing we in some fashion or another at some point in our lives all share. Be sure to journey further into these broken worlds with Stuz0r as an expert guide and you might discover hidden secrets in his ever expanding and retracting universes.

"At Home With You" by Stuz0r
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