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Untitled 5

In Untitled 5, Sara Ludy presents an informal composition of organic shapes bearing a high sense of touch. Protuberances of various sizes and colours intertwine to create a delicate texture. The artist highlights recesses and provides depth to the piece using green, blue, red, and pearl nuances. The colour palette and the surfaces' rugosity show a refined approach to new ways of painting through software. With her strong focus on digital materiality, Sara Ludy offers a continuation of Abstract Expressionists' work on pure aesthetics. As peace and calm inhabit the canvas, the viewer is at ease to explore its liminal space. We dive into a world where the organic and digital bind seamlessly.

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Abstract Art in the Age of New Media

Abstract Art in the Age of New Media is a virtual group show curated by Serena Tabacchi and Marie Chatel.

Abstract Art in the Age of New Media

Untitled 5

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