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Untitled (drain cartridge)

Black ink, material thickness and an overlay of textures pop out of Untitled (drain cartridge). With its vivid background of purples and blues, Chris Dorland creates a homogeneous whole from which glitches, alterations, and distortions arise. As part of his process, the artist manipulates print and digital media using a mix of outdated and digital hardware – scanners and printers, amongst others. In doing so, he provides a tangible record for information that would otherwise disappear as fast as today's media cycles allow. The result is a work where both context and aesthetics become abstract.

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Abstract Art in the Age of New Media

Abstract Art in the Age of New Media is a virtual group show curated by Serena Tabacchi and Marie Chatel.

Abstract Art in the Age of New Media

Untitled (drain cartridge)

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