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Tabula Rasa

Have you ever feared the blank page? With Tabula Rasa, David Young explores what an AI/GAN would create when starting from scratch. Using the smallest of data sets, he explores how machines understand the world organically. Artificial intelligence, often thought of as rational, is fueled by data selected by humans. From our unconscious, it inherits biases and develops its unique network of interpretation. With this work, David Young places the machine as a successor to painters in the Romantic era, whose emotions brought individual, aesthetic perceptions of the world. The piece's ensemble of organic lines and hues of fuchsia and orange reveal the machine's hidden pattern, offering viewers a unique aesthetic and emotional experience.

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Art for Space

Art for Space is an online group show curated by Chiara Braidotti and Serena Tabacchi conceived of as a collective experiment to examine the dynamics underpinning the relationship between appreciation and appraisal of art.

Art for Space

Tabula Rasa

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