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Nude study 29

In [Nude study 29], Damjanski explores possible futures in a world deprived of people yet bearing the weight of a past civilisation. Using his Bye Bye Camera application as an artistic tool, he observes his surroundings while erasing people's presence. But beyond appearances, people are neither here nor gone. The artist's presence is tangible as he acts for capturing these augmented photographs. Likewise, the AI tool detects body shapes but fails to assess shadows. The result is a digitally-enhanced reality where humans stand at the verge of presence and absence, somewhere between the physical and the immaterial.

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Digital Bodies

Digital Bodies is an online group show curated by Stina Gustafsson, Chloe Diamond, Serena Tabacchi and Marie Chatel featuring works by Cao Fei, Damjanksi, Frenetik Void, Hackatao, Hu Weiyi, Joanne Hastie, Lin Tianmiao, Maurice Benayoun, Miao Xiaochun, Skygolpe, The Fabricant, Travis LeRoy Southworth, and Twistedsister.

Digital Bodies

Nude study 29

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