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Look Mom I Can Fly

In order to make sense of the world we live in, humans create relationships between everything that we encounter.  Adan Flores’ interest is exploring connections between ideas, objects, and themes that, on the surface, have nothing  to do with each other. His practice focuses on highlighting bizarre relationships that already exist. The most exciting  and powerful thing about art is that it allows you to be as curious as possible which in turn changes the way you view  the world. Flores works mainly with video because it allows him to immerse the audience in my unique perspective.  He’s interested in creating ambiguous stories that are full of complexity and emotion.

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Digital Summer Show 2022

Organised in collaboration with international art schools and universities, Digital Summer Show celebrates the diversity and energy of talented artists from all over the world while promoting new perspectives on digital creativity.

Digital Summer Show 2022

Look Mom I Can Fly

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