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Landscape 7

In Landscape 7, no shapes bear recognition and only the title hints to the landscape's presence. Against a dark background, vibrant colours of red, pink, green and pearl oscillate. The vibrancy and flow of the lines remind of reflections of lights on the water. Yet such a blurry vision can only push the limits of our imagination. This work tells of Robbie Barrat's use of artificial intelligence as a media. The artist explores the potential for misinterpretations and accidents when working with Generative Adversarial Networks. His practice starts with a representational image that he alters through algorithms until he reaches his signature.

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Art for Space

Art for Space is an online group show curated by Chiara Braidotti and Serena Tabacchi conceived of as a collective experiment to examine the dynamics underpinning the relationship between appreciation and appraisal of art.

Art for Space

Landscape 7

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