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Photography and AI




Double Arch Alcove Three-Pass Dreamscape

"This 60-second, 60 fps, 1440 x 1440 px video loop is from "Dreamscapes (Retrospective)," my first curated collection of tokenized artworks. This piece illustrates one of a collection of grand scale Dreamscapes that explore multi-level dreaming effects. These works begin with a detail of one of my panoramic images to which multiple styles of neural network hallucination are applied at multiple scales.This artwork fuses computational photography and artificial intelligence; specifically, it consists of an 84-shot, 239+ megapixel HDR panorama I captured in Kolob Canyon (Zion National Park) in June 2014 that was interpreted in three discrete passes at three different scales (hence the term “three-pass”) by a proprietary enhanced version of Google’s “DeepDream” AI software in March 2020." (Daniel Ambrosi)

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Double Arch Alcove Three-Pass Dreamscape

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