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Original poetry in translation and colored pencil on paper, rendered as hi-res jpeg




Cursive Binary: This plastic on key will outlive us all.

Sasha Stiles proposes a language for transhuman communication, merging the human and the machine through  a seamless “transbinary” font. Cursive Binary is shorthand for the desire to transcend simplistic, reductive systems  in favour of infinite possibility, and reflects a deep urge to connect. The 0s and 1s written by Stiles create elegant  and complex patterns that require the viewer’s intellect to decipher; the artist’s handwriting explores the possibility  of engaging an intimate relationship with technology, where numbers and the logic of the binary code are mediated  by human sensitivity.

Other Artworks


Memento Minti

Memento Minti is a group show curated by Filippo Lorenzin featuring works by Nicolas Sassoon, Sasha Stiles, Jisu Choe, Silvio Lorusso and Dancevatar, artists who have been exploring the thin line between self-promotion and survival strategy concerning the online presence of artists and creatives making and releasing digital art.

Memento Minti

Cursive Binary: This plastic on key will outlive us all.

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