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In the physical world it was the first monumental bronze sculpture to represent the crypto world on the occasion of the collaboration with an important crypto wallet in 2018 .The work tells the mysterious prenatal bond between mother and son and foresees the arrival of the future generation, whose synapses now genetically connected to the network will look with new eyes to a reality permanently evolving. What we perceive in the contemporary as a transient period, for the infant of tomorrow will be customary: living a world where knowledge, relationships and even the economy will be lightened by the paradigms of the past but encrypted to all those who will bitterly fall behind. Exhibited in museums and foundations, now it's ready to become Nft.

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Clapis Retrospective

Clapis Retrospective is a virtual solo show of Federico Clapis curated by Serena Tabacchi aimed at connecting the artist’s audience to his collection.

Clapis Retrospective


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