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Qingyu Peng’s work focuses on representing the surreal and the humorous that they find in the forms and movements of subjects. During their first years studying Interactive media arts, they were often embarrassed by the  ungraceful way in which they made interactive stories with HTML and CSS that ended up looking “not legit”. They  were then prompted to create works to incorporate flaws from a humorous perspective and continue experimenting  with the embarrassing and the unsuave. Digital mediums such as the Web and the 3D are especially prone to surreal  errors thus adding another dimension of humor from the form itself, where the flaws in technicalities could precisely  constitute a great part of aesthetics. From working with digital means such as code, softwares, digital cameras to  working traditionally in the darkroom and wood shop, they anticipate and welcome mishaps and errors as a way of  conversing with the medium itself.

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Digital Summer Show 2022

Organised in collaboration with international art schools and universities, Digital Summer Show celebrates the diversity and energy of talented artists from all over the world while promoting new perspectives on digital creativity.

Digital Summer Show 2022


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