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Breaking Out

Nature is a recurring subject in AI art. This landscape is how an AI would picture nature. It is an encounter between a human eye and a blurry generated reproduction of reality. What we are looking at doesn't want to be mimesis of the real world, instead it exists in its own world. As Young says "We know that there's not a human intelligence in the code, but still we anthropomorphize." Ophelia Fu has her own very style. It's elegant and intrusive. In this work, Ophelia animates some static art she previously made - the unexpected breaking out of this round shape form its core it is surprisingly comforting.

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Art for Space

Art for Space is an online group show curated by Chiara Braidotti and Serena Tabacchi conceived of as a collective experiment to examine the dynamics underpinning the relationship between appreciation and appraisal of art.

Art for Space

Breaking Out

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