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Digital Illustration





Jisu Choe’s triptych explores the restlessness of engaging online all the time. The three works are colourful and  visually attractive. It is only after they have gone beyond their pop appearance that viewers notice the dramatic tone  underlying the artist’s comic style. 

The bright colours in these illustrations are reminiscent of those the public sees on the backlit screens of their digital  devices. Psychological pressure can take shape using aesthetics that are as funny as they are oppressive. In Anxiety,  a female character is burned out, covered with emojis and social media logos that form a communicative entropy  that does not give the possibility of self-expression.

Other Artworks


Memento Minti

Memento Minti is a group show curated by Filippo Lorenzin featuring works by Nicolas Sassoon, Sasha Stiles, Jisu Choe, Silvio Lorusso and Dancevatar, artists who have been exploring the thin line between self-promotion and survival strategy concerning the online presence of artists and creatives making and releasing digital art.

Memento Minti


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