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Digital Images, Performance




851px x 315px

851px x 315px is a performance that took place from 12th September to 1st November 2012. The work consisted in  collecting a series of images that accidentally fit exactly the dimensions of the Facebook cover (851px x 315px) by  looking at a period before the advent of the Facebook timeline. 

Lorusso highlights the boundaries that the interfaces of social media platforms impose on users and how these  dimensions shape one’s expression, as if it were an advertising banner. Additionally, the performance reflects upon  the construction of identity that takes place on dominant forms of social media, through a rejection of any personal  expression which is substituted by a set of rules such as picture dimensions and time.

Other Artworks


Memento Minti

Memento Minti is a group show curated by Filippo Lorenzin featuring works by Nicolas Sassoon, Sasha Stiles, Jisu Choe, Silvio Lorusso and Dancevatar, artists who have been exploring the thin line between self-promotion and survival strategy concerning the online presence of artists and creatives making and releasing digital art.

Memento Minti

851px x 315px

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