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Last update on 10-03-2023

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MARE and Other Encounters

“MARE and Other Encounters” (2022) is a collection of works inspired by sea animals and encounters made by the artist Frenetik Void. “They appear to me in dreams, while eating, in supermarkets, they are images on the street, sounds in conversations, a held breath while snorkelling, an internet ad; they never stop coming.” The artist has been reflecting about these apparitions and generating a narrative around the period of life he’s going through.

This collection is a journey through Frenetik Void’s style, with reminiscences from his early works to the latest pieces that show his feelings without any filters. Frenetik Void developed a way to break the linear reading of an artist's work through his authorial mark, a camouflage act that demands instant recognition while promoting eclecticism as part of the creative process. Each piece embodies a different style Frenetik Void came to express over the years.

(Serena Tabacchi, MoCDA Director)

Frenetik Void is one of the earliest and most interesting creatives native to the NFT art world. An Argentinian digital artist from Buenos Aires, his works often show a post-human universe inhabited by hybrid mutant beings where the limits of physics have vanished.

MARE and Other Encounters


The Foundry


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