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Nicolas Sassoon

Nicolas Sassoon is a Franco-Canadian artist using early computer graphics to create a wide array of pixelated forms and figures, moiré patterns and architectural structures. This focus on early computer graphics is driven by the sculptural, material and pictorial qualities of this imagery, as well as its poetic limitations. Over the last decade, Nicolas has often engaged in cross-disciplinary projects online (Computers Club, Wallpapers, Signals), in electronic music (New Forms Festival), fashion (Balenciaga, UNIQLO, Wings & Horns) and contemporary art. His work has been exhibited in numerous art institutions, including the Whitney Museum of American Art (US), Vancouver Art Gallery (CA), Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), Centre Pompidou (FR), House of Electronic Art Basel (CH), MU Eindhoven (NL), Chronus Art Center (CN), the Berlin Fashion Week (DE) and the New-York Fashion Week (US).

Last update on 10-03-2023

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