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Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor, hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, has always had a deep passion for anime, manga, and video game art. These vibrant and imaginative forms of artistic expression captured her heart as she grew up, fueling her creative spirit. As she delved deeper into the world of art, Carolina discovered the captivating works of James Jean, Andrew Hem, and Fuco Euda, whose artistry became pivotal influences on her own career and artistic style.

In addition to her love for visual arts, Carolina has a strong affinity for vinyl records and music. Bands such as Placebo, Mew, and Mars Volta have provided her with inspiration and a soundtrack for her creative process. Their unique sounds and evocative lyrics resonate deeply with her artistic sensibilities.

Carolina pursued her passion for art by studying Visual Arts with a specific focus on Graphic Art in her hometown of Bogotá. 

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