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Adam Martinakis

Adam Martinakis, born in Lubań, Poland in 1972, is an artist of Polish and Greek heritage. In 1982, he relocated to Athens, Greece, where he embarked on his artistic journey. He pursued his studies in Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts, and Design, immersing himself in the creative world.

Throughout his career, Adam has explored various artistic disciplines, including Interior Design, Graphic Design, Ceramic Design, and 3D visualization. As both an artist and a tutor, he has dedicated his time and expertise to these fields, sharing his knowledge with aspiring creatives.

Since the year 2000, Adam Martinakis has been passionately working and experimenting with artistic computer-generated visual media. Through the medium of 3D digital image rendering, animation, digital sculpture, digital video, and new media, he has pushed the boundaries of artistic expression. Additionally, Adam's talents extend to painting and photography, further enriching his artistic portfolio.

As a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts, Adam Martinakis is actively involved in the art community. He resides and works in Greece, Poland, and the UK, drawing inspiration from different cultures and environments to fuel his creative endeavors.

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