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Digital Bodies 
Concerning Bodily Structures

Strike A Pose No.1


Strike A Pose No.1, Twistedsister 2020

Strike A Pose No.1 depicts a warped human body twisting into some form of a tornado that merely hints at human representation and qualities. Although in motion, the figure remains static, forcing them into a state of stillness and contemplation.

The grey tones of the body further dehumanise the figure, making it difficult for the eye to draw details from the artwork. The physical depiction of movement is more prevalent. Something which is difficult to portray in physical media becomes exaggerated and expanded in the digital.

Both Strike A Pose No. 1 and the series it belongs to, The Twisted Self, address notions of identity and self-representation in a digital realm. This, in turn, highlights the intricacies of self-portrayal online and in digital spaces, indicating the ability and desire to alter perceptions and representations of the body through digital media.

This piece was created using a rolling shutter effect video generated from a sequence of selected images of a human model posing on a turntable. The physicality of this process is lost in the digital rendering of the model, whose actions and essence is captured in stronger form than their image. This, combined with the androgynous nature of the figure, allows the viewer to project themselves onto the piece, encouraging introspection directly from the digital representation to the physical body.

Twistedsister consists of Armin Blasbichler, Brigitte Fässler, Martina Graf, Julian Humm and Matthias Pfäffli.


Strike A Pose No.1, Twistedsister 2020



Art courtesy: Twistedsister and KnownOrigin

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