Digital Bodies 
Concerning Bodily Structures


The Fabricant

Avatar SetUp - DEEP, Digital Fashion Collection

In the Digital Fashion Collection, The Fabricant explores the ways in which computers can be creative. By inputting data from Paris Fashion Week, algorithms worked to combine the real and the virtual, resulting in an uncanny analysis of the fashion industry. Notions of place and materiality are challenged, as garments are available in 3D renderings that are available to audiences worldwide and are not limited to real-world exposure.


The result is an exhibition of these unusual garments across undiscovered landscapes that present the clothes in their ideal setting, bringing them to life in a scenario free from external connotations or pressures. The virtual catwalk mirrors the language of the fashion industry in all its creativity and elegance, without the ethical issues surrounding pollution, labour, and lack of access.


As a result, these garments surpass existing limits of how the body is represented in the physical world. In DEEP, the anonymity of the body underlines the potential the digital realm has for true expression, regardless of culture, gender, and medium. It also overrides other forces that restrict the ways those garments will then be experienced, whether through movement, colour, texture, or environment, creating a virtual playground for self-exploration and realisation of ideals for all.

The Fabricant, Avatar SetUp - DEEP, Digital Fashion Collection 2020



Art courtesy: The Fabricant, KnownOrigin