"Art will never die, at least until there will be an intelligent being creating it or enjoying it. New life is born from what has died and passed through: new art manifesting in new paradigms (Like the Cryptoart)".


The animated GIF of Art never Dies is connected through Augmented Reality with its original physical matrix on canvas, thus becoming the digital Doppelgänger.


Art Never dies on canvas appeared for the first time at Zanini Art Gallery "THE TRUTH IS", Hackatao first solo exhibition - December 2019.


Art Never Dies, Hackatao

  • Giclée print using archival pigment inks on 330gsm Somerset paper. Artwork size 237 x 237 mm on paper size 420 x 297 mm, hand-numbered bottom right in pencil.

    The limited editions, the original canvas and its digital doppelgänger (animated GIF) are connected by an Augmented Reality animation, available to view on the Artivive App. This GIF was tokenised on SuperRare.


    The print is authorised by the artists Sergio Scalet, Nadia Squarci and the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.

    Printed by King & McGaw in Sussex, UK.

    Published by the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.


    Limited Edition of 23