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"Live to tell" (2018) by Elena Masci

The richness and variation of digital painting has always fascinated me. While with physical paint we might compare oils with acrylics, in the digital realm we might compare 'Corel Painter' with ‘Photoshop' brushes. Another such tool of the ‘trade’ is Ipad’s procreate and this week I wanted to shine the spotlight on one of its new masters, Elena Masci. Elena’s surreal poetry, tinged with pop art like elements and celebrity appearances, combines a playful vibrances with a sense of deepfelt heartbreak. This piece encapsulates this spirit perfectly.

On Instagram the artist referred to the Madonna song ‘Live to tell’ when sharing this work and the woman featured feels at least inspired by one of the singers many incantations, perhaps this one from the iconic ‘like a prayer’ music video. One could interpret the image as one of a blazing and self-destructive love, one that threatens to consume the very essence of the person experiencing it. Perhaps betrayal, lies or rejection have led her to this state, inhaling as we often do the addictive fumes of burned promises and broken dreams… Be sure to discover more of Elena’s world on her social media if you’re not afraid of getting a little scorched in the process.

"Live to tell" (2018) by Elena Masci


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