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"Flowers" (2017) by Slevin Aaron

As our news and social media channels are flooded with the worst side of humanity, sometimes art can provide that brief escape from carnage in the hope of better days. That’s why this week I wanted to share with you the work of Slevin Aaron, a Polish based self-dubbed ‘emotion photographer’. And the description is apt, as his work definitely makes you feel something. Flowers play a strong role in the world of his imagination and this piece in particular was one that immediately left its mark on me. The patterned wallpaper and the rose dress only seem to strengthen the powerful impression the flowery head of the portrayed character leaves behind.

The juxtaposition of human and flower is one often explored in art and this image by Slevin perfectly underlines why we continue to be so affected by the right combination of skin and petals. As a curator I often try to pair poems with art and as I leave you to discover this and more of Slevin’s wonderful imagery, I wanted to share Bo Burnham’s poem ‘Flowers’ with you as well, which I felt a great and timely companion piece.

‘On the third of June, at a minute past two,

where once was a person, a flower now grew.

Five daisies arranged on a large outdoor stage in front of a ten-acre pasture of sage.

In a changing room, a lily poses.

At the DMV, rows of roses.

The world was much crueler an hour ago.

I'm glad someone decided to give flowers a go.’

"Flowers" (2017) by Slevin Aaron


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