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"Fallimento" (2019) by Simone Vezzani

Sometimes the art that moves me the most are those works that ‘wake me up’ when first viewing them, not out of but into whatever nightmarish vision the artist wanted me to experience. One of these works is fallimento (or ‘fail’) by 3D maestro Simone Vezzani. I felt this work very topical for our current times, when we see another unjust war unfold on the world stage. The macabre beauty of the piles of lifeless bodies almost feels like a hellish vision of the price we pay when humanity satisfies it’s most violent and sinister urges and we indeed fail in every meaning of the word. And what strikes me, is that it’s important for us to see images like this, where we’re confronted with the worst of what we can be and not forget that this darkness and death is also part of us, whether we like it or not.

Or we can look at it from a totally different angle, where these cadavers can be viewed at as failed experiments by the artist to create his perfect CG body, and we now witness firsthand the cost of the creative process. Interpretations aside, the work of Simone, where digital sculpture is explored both in flesh and stone, where paintings reach out to touch us before we can touch them, is a fascinating delight. I urge you all to visit his various social media platforms to discover a unique mix of the morbid and the classical and to join us for the inaugural edition of ‘The MoCDA sessions’ this Wednesday, where Simone will be our guest at 8.30PM CET to talk about our theme for the month of March, ‘the relation between traditional artistic practices and the modern digital art form.

"Fallimento" by Simone Vezzani


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