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"Anas Scroogius - USA, 1947" (2020) by Filip Hodas

As a digital museum what better exhibit to present to you than these wonderful Cartoon Fossils, created by the master of pop culture decay, Filip Hodas. This Czech based 3D artist brings flair and humor to the eventual demise of our cultural icons as evidenced in this series and his ‘Pop Culture Dystopia’ works. One can image strolling the halls of a dusty museum of natural history and stumbling on the unusual sight of the skeletal remains of children’s television icons. The level of detail and humorous descriptions accompanying the ‘Anas Scroogius’ or the ‘Homunculous Caeruleum’ make these pieces really stand out.

It shows how the right textures and lighting can really give digital pieces a perfect, lifelike quality, something this artist certainly excels at. They also pose interesting questions on how the future will look at our current icons and how our pop culture will or won’t stand the test of time. It’s always a good sign for me when I can’t wait what an artist will think of next, a feeling that definitely plays when it comes to Filip’s creations. Be sure to check out more of his work on his social media pages and website and be enchanted by the special way in which the artist looks at the future past.

Also be sure to join me this Wednesday at 8:30 CET for a new ‘MoCDA session’ on twitter, where another 3D wizard and past featured CC artist, Jean-Michel Bihorel, will be our guest for a new chat on the relation between traditional art practices and modern digital art.

"Anas Scroogius - USA, 1947" (2020) by Slevin Aaron


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