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Not Only RGB (15th October 2022 - 28th January 2023) is an exhibition in Decentraland curated by Chiara Braidotti and Sia Pineschi featuring Kevin Abosch, Matt Kane, Mathieu Merlet Briand, Sarah Meyohas and 38‰ (Mattia Cuttini & Luca Donno.

"Colours are a fundamental facet of how we perceive the outside world. Governed by the invisible laws of colour theory, they influence our emotional relationships to nature, from celestial bodies to distant horizons. But what happens when we try to translate these naturally occurring palettes to a man-made digital environment? Is it still possible to engineer the same complexity of feeling? Can they be used as tools to probe more deeply into the laws of nature?
Not Only RGB is meant to explore the transposition of colour from the natural world into the realm of the digital, using digital landscapes to investigate the fundamental laws that govern our emotional and physical relationships to colour. 

From our own subjective perceptions to the external world around us, this exhibition is a journey from microcosm to macrocosm through colour in digital realms." (Chiara Braidotti and Sia Pineschi, Curators)

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