Digital Bodies 
Concerning Bodily Structures


Miao Xiaochun


Microcosm, n.2 Central Panel Miao Xiaochun

N°6 wing .jpg

Microcosm, n.6 Wing, Miao Xiaochun

N°8 wing .jpg

Microcosm, n.8 Wing, Miao Xiaochun

Microcosm is a reinvention of Hieronymous Bosch's 15th-century masterpiece, The Garden of Earthly Delights, in which Xiaochun explores the sumptuous landscape of sin and salvation through digital technology.

Mirroring Chinese traditions, Xiaochun makes use of multiple viewpoints throughout the film, bringing the viewer into the scene in an intimate and dynamic way. By adopting multiple perspectives to add another dimension to the scene, Xiaochun addresses the relationship between the various panels where the viewer can look across heaven and hell and back again, creating a dialogue between the panels and offering the ability to discover hidden narratives within the piece.

The artist “resorts to Bosco’s iconography, making however an interpretation of this image of the Renaissance from his own oriental perspective, in general terms and from the stance of Chinese culture in particular, but in a globalised world where contact between cultures precipitates hybridisation, contaminating the supposed individuality of the secular traditions that have formed them”.

Microcosm, Miao Xiaochun 2007 - 2008

Medium: 3D computer animation

Art courtesy: DSL Collection